Rootbeer Memories


As I enjoyed a Sioux City Rootbeer today while soaking up the sunshine, I started giggling to myself.  Rootbeer always makes me think of my two sisters and the silly “Sneaky Snake” song we would sing and it made me very grateful to have amazing sisters in my life.

Photo:  Sioux City Rootbeer bottle outside my building




Today I’m grateful that the Farmer’s Market is just a couple of blocks from my house.  What a treat to shop outdoors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon followed by a delicious, fresh, and nutritious meal with my guys!

Photo:  taken at the Dallas Farmer’s Market

Happy Hair


I love my long-time hairdresser, Danni, and am thankful for the fact that I can drop in any time for a quick touch-up/ bang-trim and she always finds time for me.  Always free of charge, no less!

Photo:  taken at home after a quick visit to the salon

Li’l Black Clouds


As I lay in bed this cloudy, moody morning, I’m grateful for the sounds of rain and thunder.

Photo:  the ominous view of low rain clouds covering downtown from my bedroom window

Can’t Tapa It



Tonight, we introduced Spanish Tapas to two people that are quickly becoming some of our closest, dearest friends and I’m thankful for new relationships.

Photo:  Sangria Restaurant, Dallas TX

Ya Down with ATC’s? Yeah, You Know Me!





Today I’m grateful that my students have become as crazy about making Artist Trading Cards as I have….their work is amazing and they can’t wait to see what the children in Nepal, India, and West Africa are making for them!  Seeing your students excited about what they are creating and sharing is one of the most amazing parts of being a teacher.

Photos:  Artist Trading Cards created by my 1st through 4th grade students

Signs of Spring


So grateful for signs of even warmer weather to come on this official 1st Day of Spring.

Photo:  taken outside a loft building near my building in the Cedars

Pasta Perfection


So thankful to be able to enjoy cheese ravioli again – in a non-gluten responsible fashion, of course.  Even my gluten-eaters in the family thought it was delicious!

Photo:  my dinner plate at home